Artikel | Groene hulp voor extra stikstofvoorziening in ruwvoergewassen

Article | Green aid for extra nitrogen supply in forage crops

Increase the preservation and nutritional value of silage with Silage Care.

Optimize conservation and efficiency in forage crops with the natural agent Silage Care

Silage Care is an additive specially developed by Vossen The New Farming to optimize the preservation of silage. It is crucial to pay attention to the quality of the forage not only during the growing season and harvesting, but also during the preservation process. Difficulties such as a problematic growing season or sub-optimal silage conditions can lead to significant production losses and reduced efficiency. Silage Care offers a solution for this by preserving the nutritional value and minimizing the loss of product.

The strength of Silage Care lies in the combination of propionic acid, acetic acid and aromatics. These ingredients play an essential role in promoting preservation, reducing spoilage and inhibiting mold formation. They create an ideal environment for the growth of lactic acid-forming bacteria, which cause a rapid drop in the pH value in the silage. In addition, they stimulate the production of acetic acid, making the silage less susceptible to spoilage.

Silage Care creates an ideal environment for the growth of lactic acid-forming bacteria, which ensures a rapid drop in the pH value in the silage.

Effects of Silage Care on Production Loss and Nutritional Value

Research by BLGG AgroXpertus shows that an average farm of 43 hectares with approximately seventy dairy cows can experience an average loss of feed value of €10,000. This loss is caused by a shortage of lactic acid-forming bacteria and acetic acid-forming bacteria in the silage. Silage Care offers a solution by both promoting preservation and inhibiting spoilage and mold formation. By using Silage Care it is possible to maintain nutritional value and improve farm efficiency.

Optimize the silage preservation process

The importance of an optimal silage preservation process is becoming increasingly clear, especially during challenging growing seasons and increased susceptibility to mold and disease. Silage Care offers the necessary protection against unwanted fermentation and spoilage, which can affect the nutritional value and absorbability of the feed. By applying Silage Care during ensiling and/or ensiling, the palatability and quality of the forage can be maintained and livestock can be provided with a balanced ration.

Application of Silage Care and farmers' experiences

Silage Care can easily be applied during ensiling (on the loader wagon, forage harvester or silage spreader) and when removing silage (in the feed mixer or in front of the feed fence). It can also be used as a top coat preservative. Farmers Gerald Hemstede and Niels Laarakker share their positive experiences with Silage Care:

  • Gerald Hemstede: "We used the product for several years and then didn't use it for a year, which led to major problems. We went back to applying the product and I could see the streaks where the product had been applied and where not." Watch the video for an extensive review
  • Niels Laarakker: "When ensiling CCM for pigs, we always use Silage Care. A good gauge for me is to see whether spoilage occurs or not." Watch the video for an extensive review

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