Article | Optimize soil quality with Bio Terra I and II

Keeping the soil in optimal condition is essential for maximum crop yield

Bio Terra I and Bio Terra II from Vossen The New Farming are combination products that offer a natural activation of the soil. In this article, we share information about these products and their benefits.

How does Bio Terra I and Bio Terra II work?

Bio Terra I is an organic soil fertilizer based on algae, minerals and plant extracts. It also acts as an activator for Bio Terra II. By applying Bio Terra I, the soil is supplied with nutrients. In addition, it activates soil life and promotes the conversion of available nutrients. It also stimulates the growth of mycorrhiza and the production of humic acids. This improves the soil balance and structure. Importantly, Bio Terra I does not extract nutrients or oxygen from the soil during the process.

Bio Terra II is a special mix of bacteria and fungi that acts as an activator for the soil. The collaboration of essential nutrients, fungi and bacteria results in optimal soil health. The use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers can salinize the soil and affect the positive soil life. Therefore, supplementing this active force is of great importance. Bio Terra II helps to restore the balance in the soil by adding natural generic bacteria and enzymes. This stimulates the digestion process of plant residues above and in the ground. The product is applied at least two weeks before sowing or just after harvesting.

Advantages and applications of Bio Terra I and Bio Terra II

Improved capillary action of the soil: Bio Terra ensures better moisture regulation in the soil. As a result, essential nutrients are more readily available to the crop.

  • Nutrient replenishment: The product provides the soil with essential nutrients needed for healthy crop growth.
  • Reduction of disease pressure: Due to the activation of soil life and a better balance in the soil, the disease pressure is reduced.
  • Promotion of humus formation: Bio Terra stimulates the conversion of organic matter by organisms, resulting in the formation of humus. This contributes to a healthy soil structure.
  • Improved fertilization: The product can be applied to liquid and solid manure, including compost, and improves the digestion of the manure. This results in more efficient fertilization of the field.

Peter van der Veen's experience

Peter van der Veen, an experienced farmer, shares his experience with Bio Terra. “We use the Bio Terra product for optimal digestion of the compost before we spread it onto the field.” By using Bio Terra, the compost quality improves and the nutrients are used optimally.