Herbali aardappelen proefresultaten

Trial season 2023 | Herbali | Potatoes | Aalter (B) | Part 2

  • More tubers per plant
  • Higher underwater weight
  • Replenishment of important substances

The results of the trial with Herbali in the potato variety Markies show a clear added value with regard to the underwater weight of the tubers. An increase of 8.6% is significant with regard to tuber development and seed set. This also allows better storability. The test took place under the supervision of Intergrow NV.

Trial results Herbali

Untreated Treated Results
Trial 3 Plants Marquis 3 Plants Marquis
Application date Herbali
N/A 2 liters per ha on 16-6-2023 and 2 liters per ha on 24-6-2023
Number of tubers per plant
8-9-10 (9.0 tubers)
9-9-10 (9.34 tubers) + 0.33 tuber
Underwater weight of the test
Avg. 361
Avg. 392 +8.60%