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    Bio 100

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    Bio 100 (product 501) is an udder rub. This product has been specially developed to relax the tense skin of the udder and to support blood flow. It is composed of carefully selected ingredients that help promote the elimination of waste products and improve the overall condition of the udder. Regular use of Bio 100 can contribute to a well-functioning udder in cattle.

    • Soothes tense skin
    • Supports blood flow
    • Promotes the removal of waste

    Work safer and more environmentally friendly

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    Dispense 20 drops of Bio 100 into the palm of your hand. Then rub the udder with it. Repeat this application 2 times a day for 3 days.


    • Apply Bio 100 for short periods.
    • Only apply Bio 100 externally.
    • Do not apply Bio 100 in/on open wounds.


    Oil-based Mentha Piperita.

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    Bio 100

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