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  • Type: Luchtreiniging Dierenverblijfplaatsen

Bio Even Poultry

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Product description

Bio Even Poultry (product 504) is an air cleaning agent that has been specially developed for poultry farms. This product is an effective solution to improve the air quality in the animal accommodation and to improve the condition of the animals. Bio Even Poultry is composed of high-quality natural ingredients and has a unique effect.

The agent lowers the pH value in the air of the poultry houses, reducing the infection pressure. In addition, Bio Even Poultry has a positive effect on the animals' digestion when administered orally. The product can also be sprayed to support cold symptoms in the animals. Bio Even Poultry has been developed with sustainability and corporate responsibility in mind.

  • Reduction of the pH and thus the infection pressure
  • Positive influence on the digestive system (oral application)
  • Support for cold symptoms (nebulization)


    • Use a nebulizer.
    • Mix Bio Even with warm water 1:10 (1 liter Bio Even and 9 liters warm water).
    • Use 1 liter of final mixture per 100 m2 of stable content.
    • Nebulize Bio Even 2 to 3 times a week.


    • Do not nebulize in animals with severe respiratory problems.
    • Do not spray directly on the animals.
    • In order not to be unnecessarily (long) exposed to this product during application, it is advisable to start spraying at the back of the house or pen and to walk backwards towards the exit.
    • For the first 10 to 20 minutes after spraying, do not enter or allow to enter the relevant barn or pen.
    • Observe safety precautions when handling the undiluted product.

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    Bio Even Poultry


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