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  • Type: Reiniging Gecombineerde Vervuiling Dierenverblijfplaatsen

Bio Rein

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Product description

Acid cleaning agent for effective non-tox safe hygienic cleaning of animal accommodation.

  • Powerful on both soft (organic) and hard (mineral) pollution
  • Lowers the acidity for a correct microbiological balance
  • Harmless to the processes in the manure pit


      • Pre-treatment (if necessary or desired): Spray the surface to be cleaned with water.
      • Depending on the degree of contamination, fill a spraying device (high-pressure sprayer) with a 5% to 20% Bio Rein solution (500 ml to 2 liters of Bio Rein, top up with water to 10 litres) or fill a foam gun with undiluted Bio Rein.
      • Evenly spray/foam the surface to be cleaned.
      • Allow to act for up to 60 minutes, depending on the degree of soiling.
      • Spray the cleaned surface (preferably with high pressure) with water.


      • Application with the foam lance produces white foam.
      • Observe safety precautions when handling the undiluted product.
      • Bio Rein fits into any HACCP management system.
      • Bio Rein is readily biodegradable.

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      Bio Rein


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