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  • Type: Geboorteondersteuning

Condition Bolus

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Product description

Complementary feed (in pressed bolus form) for dairy cattle. Contains active essential oils such as oregano oil and peppermint oil and natural minerals and trace elements such as iron, selenium, cobalt, zinc and iodine.

  • Helps with, among other things, starting udder and uterus problems
  • The natural product saves up to 50% on costs
  • 7 days of gradual mineral release


    Remove the plastic around the bolus. Shoot one Condition Bolus into the mouth with the special Bolus Shooter. If necessary, administer a second dose after 1 week.


    • Duration of action 5-7 days.
    • Condition Bolus is not soluble in water and is not suitable for free absorption.
    • Condition Bolus contains no hazardous or harmful ingredients.

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    Condition Bolus


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