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    Starwash Agro

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    Starwash Agro (product 524) is a powerful alkaline cleaner and degreaser specially designed for cleaning floors, walls and machines in the agricultural sector. The product offers a powerful degreasing power and ensures thorough and effective cleaning of the most stubborn dirt.

    Starwash Agro is a low foaming product, making it ideal for use in situations where a high foaming cleaner is not suitable. The product is easy to apply and rinses off quickly and easily.

    • Powerful degreasing
    • Low foaming
    • Easily biodegradable after dilution

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      We primarily ship to the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, France, and Austria. Additionally, we ship worldwide upon request. If you are located outside these areas, please request a free quote using the button below. We do not ship 10-liter packages to Denmark, France, and Austria.


      • Dilute Starwash Agro 1:10 to 1:200 in water. The degree of dilution depends on the degree of contamination and the substrate. (Possibly: Use warm to hot water for an even better effect).
      • Spray the Starwash Agro solution on the surface to be cleaned. Brush if necessary.
      • Let it act for a few minutes.
      • Spray the affected surface clean.


      • Do not use on aluminum (alloys).
      • Test beforehand when using on stainless steel, lacquer or paint.

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      Starwash Agro

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