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Udder Care

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Product description

Udder Care (product 525) is a high-quality udder and teat care product that has been specially developed for lactating animals. The product provides intensive, hygienic cleaning of teats and skin.

Udder Care is not only cleansing, but also caring. It ensures relaxation and care of the (teat) skin, keeping it in good condition. Bacterial transmitters are no longer attracted.

  • Intensive, hygienic cleaning of teats and skin
  • Relaxation and care of the (teat) skin
  • Bacterial transmitters are no longer attracted


    • Stir briefly before use.
    • After each milking, dip or spray the teats with a 10% solution (1 liter to 9 liters of water). Apply a 20% solution (2 liters to 8 liters of water) in extremely skin-scarring weather conditions.


    • Always apply diluted (with water). Hard (calcareous) water can cause some precipitation, but this does not affect the functioning of the product.
    • Preferably clean the teats before milking with a skin-friendly, pH neutral cleaning product.
    • Udder Care is a common product, permitted in accordance with Regulation EEC No. 834/2007 and 889/2008.

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    Udder Care


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