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    Udder Care Dip & Spray – Cow

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    Udder Care Dip & Spray – Cow (product 24) is a premium care product, specially developed for lactating cows. This ready-to-use product has been carefully formulated to provide optimal care for both the udder and the teats.

    • Provides a thorough and hygienic cleaning of teats and skin
    • Softens and nourishes the skin of the teats thoroughly
    • Helps to reduce the attraction of bacterial vectors

    The essential daily care for udders and teats

    Work safer and more environmentally friendly

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    Dipping agents have been developed to help manage both clinical and subclinical mastitis in cattle, which can lead to economic losses through treatment costs and reduced production. These products are applied after milking and are intended to form a protective barrier that potentially helps prevent infections. The use of dipping agents is part of a broader management plan for udder health that also includes housing, nutrition, general resistance, animal condition, heredity, infection pressure, hygiene, and the quality of milking machines and milking techniques. These factors can combine to influence udder health, which can impact milk production and quality. Regular use of dipping agents can be seen as a best practice in dairy farming, aimed at supporting the health of the udder. The consistent use of these products is part of a comprehensive approach to udder care, which can contribute to the overall health and well-being of dairy cattle.


    Udder Care Dip & Spray – Cow is a liquid care product for udders and teats. This product has been developed to thoroughly clean and care for both the teats and the skin. It offers an intensive and hygienic treatment that contributes to the maintenance of udder health. The product combines caring and cleansing properties in one user-friendly formula. Udder Care Dip & Spray – Cow is ready to use and requires no dilution, which simplifies and speeds up application. One of the unique features of this product is that it leaves a visible mark on the treated animals, making it easy to check which cows have already been treated. This care product is an essential addition to the daily routine of every dairy farmer who strives for optimal udder health without the use of complicated procedures.


    After each milking, dip or spray the teats with the pure product.


    • Preferably clean the teats before milking with a skin-friendly, pH-neutral cleaning product.
    • Udder Care Dip & Spray – Cow is an EU Inputs certified product in accordance with EU 2018/848 and EU 1165/2021.

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    Udder Care Dip & Spray – Cow

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