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    Bio Gin Poultry

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    Bio Gin Poultry (product 506) from Vossen The New Farming is a high-quality supplementary feed that has been specially developed for poultry. This supplementary feed contains a mix of carefully selected ingredients that support the natural resistance of poultry and stimulate the appetite. This supplementary feed is also suitable for organic farms.

    It contains a balanced mix of essential nutrients that contribute to the overall condition and resistance of poultry. Bio Gin Poultry has been developed with sustainability and corporate responsibility in mind.

    • Supports natural resistance
    • Stimulates the appetite
    • Contributes to optimal growth and meat production


        2x per week: 0.3 liters/1000 liters of drinking water.


        Bio Gin Poultry is a common product for poultry, permitted in accordance with Regulation EEC 834/2007 and 889/2008.

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        Bio Gin Poultry

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