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    Calf Boost

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    Product description

    Calf Boost (product 512) is a supplementary feed specially developed for calves. Calf Boost can contribute to a better appetite and digestion of the calves. It can also support the proper functioning of the intestinal system and can help keep the calves fit and in good condition.

    Calf Boost contains carefully selected ingredients that can support the calves in their growth and development. The appetite can be increased by regularly adding Calf Boost to the calves' feed. This supports the condition.

    Calf Boost is a valuable addition to the diet of calves and can contribute to their fitness. It is important to follow the recommended dosage and use Calf Boost as part of a balanced diet for the calves.
    • Promotes appetite and digestion
    • Supports the proper functioning of the intestinal system
    • Makes fit and supports the condition


      Per calf per day for 10 to 14 days:
      • 20 ml in the morning and 20 ml in the evening directly or via the milk.

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      Calf Boost

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