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    Cow Boost

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    Cow Boost (product 513) from Vossen The New Farming is a high-quality supplementary feed specially designed for cows, sheep and goats. It can help improve the taste of roughage and stimulate the functioning of the digestive organs.

    • Improves the taste of roughage
    • Stimulates the functioning of the digestive organs
    • Makes fit and supports the condition

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      • For a condition boost: For 2 weeks, distribute 100 ml/cow/day over the feed. This application can be repeated after (minimum) 2 weeks.
      • Circumferential calving: Shortly before and shortly after half a litre, directly in the mouth.

      Sheep and goats:
      • For a condition boost: During 2 weeks 10 ml/animal/day, distribute over the feed. This application can be repeated after (minimum) 2 weeks.
      • Around lambs: Shortly before and shortly after 100 ml, directly in the mouth.


      Apple, Beet, Elderberry Wine, Dextrose, Achillea Millefolium, Hypericum Perforatum, Echinacea Purpureae, Thymus Vulgaris, Primula Veris, Plantago Lanceolata, Harpagophytum Procumbens, Urtica Urens, Potentilla Tormentilla, Ribes Nigrum, Capsella Bursa Pastoris, Spirea Ulmaria, Mentha Piperita, Salvia Officinalis, Calendula Officinalis, Foeniculum Vulgare, Alchemilla Vulgaris, Trifolii Pratense, Taraxacum, Eleutrococcus Senticosus, Verbascum Thapsus, Lucerne Medicago Sativa, Vaccinum Myrtillus.

      Additives: lactic acid (E270) 5.24%, propionic acid (E280) 0.80%, formic acid (E236) 0.001%.

      Analytical Constituents

      <1% crude protein, <1% crude fiber, <1% crude fat, <1% crude ash, <0.5% lysine, <0.5% methionine, <0.05% sodium.

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      Cow Boost

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