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    Plantali – Chicory

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    Plantali – Chicory (product 313) is a plant strengthening, organic fertilizer for chicory. It contributes to optimal nutrient absorption and development of the chicory. Plantali – Chicory provides an important supplement of substances such as minerals, trace elements and algae. External factors often put a brake on the proper development of chicory. Examples include: pH, high temperatures, rainfall,…. This can cause problems, especially with storage crops.

    Plantali – Chicory allows the crop to experience healthy and continuous growth. By stimulating the cell nucleus, Plantali – Chicory guarantees optimal cell division, cell elongation and cell thickness. This results in a crop of the highest quality and also a crop that is better able to cope with external threats, such as viruses and fungi.

    • Optimal nutrient absorption and development
    • Support of condition and resistance
    • Contributes to strong leaves, roots and stems and to continuous growth from crop to fruit

    Application of the product allows to reduce fertilizer use.


    • At the start of forcing: add 0.5 product per 100 m2 to the nutrient solution.


    • Do not apply the product in strong sunlight.
    • The product can be mixed with common, water-dilutable sprays.

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    Plantali – Chicory

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