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    Stable Foam Cleaner

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    Product description

    Stable Foam Cleaner (product 523) is a high-quality alkaline foam cleaner, specially developed to thoroughly clean animal accommodation and to effectively remove organic pollution. The product offers optimal foam adhesion and ensures thorough cleaning of all surfaces.

    Stable Foam Cleaner is suitable for cleaning different types of animal accommodation, including stables, pens and cages. The product is concentrated, making it very economical to use. Thanks to the cleaner's powerful effect, stubborn dirt can be easily removed.

    • Optimal foam adhesion
    • Powerful on all organic pollution
    • Ecologically responsible


      • Foam the surface with a 1-2% dilution (depending on the degree of contamination).
      • Leave to act for 15-30 minutes.
      • Spray the surface with water (under high pressure).


      Observe safety precautions when handling the undiluted product.

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      Stable Foam Cleaner

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