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    Vita Cow

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    Product description

    Vita Cow (product 528) is a supplementary animal feed that can support cows, bulls, calves, sheep and goats in their nutrition. Vita Koe can improve the palatability of roughage.

    Vita Koe can also have a positive influence on the digestion in the oral cavity and stomachs of animals. By using Vita Cow, the functioning of the digestive organs of animals can be stimulated.

    • Improving the palatability of roughage
    • Positive influence on digestion in the oral cavity and fore stomachs
    • Stimulation of digestive organs


      Distribute the following amount per animal daily over the (rough) feed:
      • Cows: 7.5 ml per 1000 kg milk production on an annual basis.
      • Bulls: 50 ml.
      • Calves: 30 ml.
      • Sheep and goats: 25 ml.


      • For optimal results, Vita Koe should be applied daily.
      • If necessary, dilute 1:1 with water for better distribution.

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      Vita Cow

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