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  • Type: Ontwikkeling Van Bovengrondse Delen Van De Plant

Herbali BIO – Potatoes

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Product description

Herbali BIO - Potatoes (product 215) is a liquid organic fertilizer for potatoes (starch - seed potatoes - consumption), with an authorization for use in organic agriculture. The product supports the physiological processes in the plant and contributes to an optimal absorption of nutrients and development of the potato plant. Herbali BIO - Potato is also an important supplement of nutrients, alganites and minerals for potatoes. The product thus guarantees optimal cell division and exchange of essential substances in the crop.

External influences such as drought, extreme rainfall, acidification of the soil, but also viruses and fungi can have serious consequences for the crop. The yield decreases and the plant becomes more susceptible to disease. A strong, well-developed crop, however, is often able to deal with these threats on its own. Many pesticides become unaffordable and/or disappear from the market. Now is the time to make crops resilient and vital with Herbali BIO – Potato. Cell division that is too rapid, as can be seen with an excessive fertilizer dose, results in an emission of ethylene by the plant, which actually attracts insects and disease carriers. A uniform growth of the crop, with the help of Herbali BIO - Potatoes, leads to a stronger crop and a better yield.

  • Optimal nutrient absorption and development
  • Support of condition and resistance
  • Supplement of important minerals and trace elements

Application of the product offers up to 2.4 tons more per hectare and allows to reduce fertilizer use.


      • Mix the amount of product with 200 - 400 liters of tap water in the field sprayer. Pump this solution vigorously for 5 minutes and then spray over the land/crop, in the following dosage:
      • With the planter/within 10 days after planting/before backing the potatoes: 2 liters per ha.
      • Just before tuber formation: 2 liters per ha.


      • Do not apply the product in strong sunlight.
      • The product can be mixed with common, water-dilutable sprays.
      • The product is registered on the input list for use in organic farming in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany.

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      Herbali BIO – Potatoes


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